Genset Acoustic Foam specialise in the manufacture of various composite materials to suit customers requirements. We have a dedicated spray booth with high pressure spray system. It allows GAF to laminate both single and 2 part adhesive systems. We also fabricate various composites to suit customer’s specifications. These include the following

  • PYROSORB laminated to Profiled XE 440 for super silent generators. Thicknesses vary according to customer requirements
  • PYROSORB Laminated to various substrates including Sonic Liner for oil resistance properties or Sisalation foil paper for heat reflection or air flow resistance
  • XE 440/PYROSORB laminated to 2mm 200 acoustic Barrier for use in heavy duty equipment and marine.
  • PYROSORB laminated to ACOUSTIBLOK makes the best acoustic barrier available 
  • Scruftex
  • Whisper and Pyro




Product Description:

PYROSORB-S class ‘O’ acoustic foam faced with re-inforced aluminium foil or black sonic liner

Product Format:

Sheet material, Standard sheet size 2000 x 1000 mms
Standard Thickness: 25mms. Others available on request. Material can be supplied with Acrylic adhesive backing


Foam is a Class ‘O’ acoustic foam

Density 100kg/m³ offers excellent acoustic properties
Thermal conductivity @ 5 C is .0545W/mK (BS874 part 2 1986) See PYROSORB-S Brochure


Foil has scrim between foil and Kraft paper for added strength
Facing is very low water permeability.
Typical -0.2ug m/(Nh) BS 4370 part 2
Low Surface emissivity i.e. high radiant heat reflection
Fire rating: BS476: Class 1
Sonic liner: Black cloth heat resistant fibreglass cloth

Temperature Range: -40 to +100°C (Continuous)


  • Thermal barrier in air conditioning equipment
  • Acoustic lining in bus engine covers


External Duct Lagging


PRODUCT: 50mm Super Silent Acoustic Foam

25 XE Laminated to DC2, 6mm XE and Screen Foil or 25mm Pyrosorb laminated to 32mm XE440 profiled foam.

Sheet material. Standard sheet size.2000 x 1250 mms.
Standard Thickness: 50 mms.


  • Sonic Liner- Black fibreglass cloth
  • Heat resistant
  • Washable
  • 25mm Pyrosorb Foam is Class “O” fire rated foam
  • Density: 100kg/m3 Ideal for sound absorption of both high and Low frequency sound waves. (See attached spec sheet)
  • 25mm XE 440 FRL foam
  • Density: 30kg/m3 self- extinguishing foam (Meets FMVSS 302 spec)
  • Ideal for sound absorption (See attached spec)

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40 to +120oc (Continuous)


  • Total thickness of 50mm gives excellent sound absorption material properties. Add this to the 2 ideal densities for both high and low frequency wave absorption. This should give a minimum of a 20% drop in Db readings.
  • An ideal acoustic material that is washable should there be any diesel spills within the generator canopy.

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