High Temp Silicone Gasket


Silicone sponge rubber is a flexible, compressible closed cell high temp seal gasket material. There are a number of applications such as a sound seal around an exhaust outlet on a canopy. Its low density offers an excellent seal while offering high temp resistance.

We supply this in a strip format for ducting. This meets Fire specs of taking 400 degrees for 60 minutes.


Seals for Lifting Brackets on Canopy Roofs

LiftingBracketSeals   A close cell sponge nitrile gasket that offers a waterproof seal.

Fibre Lagging


Fiber lagging needle mat has been specifically developed for use in vehicle exhaust silencer applications. Manufactured from 9 micron filament E-Glass fibres’ that are specially carded to produce a high volume batt. This results in a dimensionally stable mat or felt, possessing excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties without any chemical binder.

  • Pipe and electrical cable lining
  • Thermal wrapping for exhaust pipes
  • Shielding against heat radiation

Foam Sealing Strip and Die Cuts

FoamSealingStripandDieCuts   FoamSealingStripandDieCuts2
  • We import a wide range of both open and close cell foams that are used for both dust/acoustic seals and waterproof seals. These are supplied either in Strip or die cut gaskets format with or without adhesive
  • The closed cell foams include standard Polyethylene’s of various densities, EPDM for high compression and both PVC and Sponge nitrile. These foams seal’s against air, moisture and light penetration while serving to fill any irregularities in the door frame. It also provides cushioning, vibration and shock absorption, thermal insulation, and sound deadening properties.
  • Polyurethane or Open cell foams are used mainly used for dust or acoustic seals. Being a soft foam it conforms much easier than close cell foam and does not have the same memory coefficients.

P-Seal Rubber Extrusion

  • *UV resistant rubber door seal with a metal crimping mechanism
  • *There are a number of standardhapes: , such as rubber tube, rubber cord, door an window seals, weather strip, u channel, glazing rubber seals, Rubber profiles with metal inserts, Rubber profiles with adhesive tape
  • Usage: Pinch welds provide an easy, clean and neat finish to exposed metal, fibreglass, glass, plastic and plywood edges without the use of staples or glue. Application: Helps in replacing worn, damaged or faded trim on door openings as well as panel edges on cars, tractors and boats. We are ready to customize your product.

Door Hinges


We also supply a range of door hinges and door locks

Please send us your spec canopy requirements and we will do our best to satisfy your requirements.


Nitrile Corck Gaskets


Nitrile cork gaskets have good oil and solvent resistance, are relatively cheap, and seal well at low flange pressures and temperatures of up to 120 C.

Cork rubber gaskets are used in: sumps, crank case covers, inspection doors, valve covers, electrical transformers, electrical switchgear, and to seal general covers and lids.
Remember that as a general rule you should select the thinnest material possible

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