Packaging Foam

EthaFoam E220

  • This foam is ideal for use as packaging in protective cases
  • DCE 220 is firm foam, making it easier for cutting and shaping to components
  • We also supply this material in an Anti Static format ideal for packing of electronic component 
  • DCE Packaging foam provides superior protection and unparalleled durability for the interior of your case. DCE is a lightweight material that is inherently non-abrasive, non-dusting and easy to fabricate. 
  • DCE demonstrate superior shock absorption and vibration dampening properties and are impervious to bacteria, mildew and mold. DCE’s have a high load bearing capacity, which helps end users reduce costs due to using less material without sacrificing protection.
  • Great insulation properties along with a high-resistance to chemicals and solvents make polyethylene foam the ideal choice for packaging heavier items and for materials handling (dunnage) applications.
  • DCE Packaging foam is closed-cell, meaning it consists of cells so tightly packed together that it gives the appearance of one uniform structure. The reality is that the individual cells within polyethylene foam do not physically connect to one another. 
  • This cellular formation is similar to fish caught in a fisherman’s net. From a critical distance, the net appears to be one massive object. However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that there is numerous individual fish packed tightly together that the result is the aforementioned appearance of singularity.
  • Common Uses: Sound deadening, packaging, and cases. DCE 220 foam is a great quality foam with a firm feel. Common applications include cost effective acoustics, cases and packaging


Packaging Foam

Polyethylene Foam

  • Ethafoam® high-performance, extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam products are manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards, and are ideal for a wide range of packaging and non-packaging applications
  • The key features of polyethylene foam includes; 
  • Excellent Strength, resistance to creep under load, vibration and shock absorbency and water resistance characteristics. 
  • It is a strong, resilient, medium-density, closed-cell foam. It contains internal anti-static agents designed to eliminate static-potential from the foam itself, and to dissipate electro-static discharges from other sources; and meets various standard such as EIA 541, ANSI; EOS/ESD


Packaging Foam

ETHAFOAM 220 Anti-Static

Brand Polyethylene Foam Plank

ETHAFOAM* 220 Anti-Static
Polyethylene foam is a strong, resilient,
Medium-density 36 kg/m3 (2.3 pcf),
Closed-cell foam. It contains internal
Anti-static agents designed to eliminate
Electrostatic potential from the foam
Itself, and to dissipate electrostatic
Discharges from other sources.

ETHAFOAM 220 Anti-Static is ideally
suited as a component material in
products requiring a shock absorbing,
vibration dampening, insulating, and/or
buoyancy component, and as a
material for cushioning components in
packaging applications for impacts or
loadings up to 17.5 kPa (2.5 psi).
Size available (Planks):
50mm x 1000mm x 2750mm
2” x 48” x 108”
Color available: Pink

Physical Properties† Test Method Direction Value
Density ASTM D3575, Suffix W, Method
B; ISO 845
kg/m3 (pcf)
36 (2.3)
Static Decay Rate EIA 541; US Federal Test
Standard 101C Method 4046.1
< 2 sec
Surface Resistance ANSI/EOS/ESD-S11.11-1993
Measured on plank surface
< 1011 ohms
Surface Resistivity EIA 541; ASTM D257; Measured
on plank surface
< 1012 ohms/square
Compression Set ASTM D3575, Suffix B (50% compr.)
EN/ISO 1856 (23 C, 25% compr.)
Vertical < 20%
<10 %
Compressive Creep
(1000 hrs @ 230 C)
ASTM D3575, Suffix BB Vertical < 10% @ 17.5 kPa (2.5 psi)
Compressive Deflection
@ 10%
@ 25%
@ 50%
ASTM D3575, Suffix D Average KPa (psi)
50 (7)
65 (9)
124 (18)
Thermal Stability ASTM D3575, Suffix S
ISO 2796
< 1.5%
< 2%
Thermal Conductivity
@ 24oC (75oF)
@ -5oC (23oF)
ASTM D3575, Suffix V; EN 28301;
ISO 2581
Vertical W/mºK (BTU-in/hr-ft2-ºF)
0.06 (0.42)
0.05 (0.37)
Water Absorption ASTM D3575, Suffix L
ISO 2896; ASTM C272
kg/m2 (lb/ft2)
1.5 (0.3)
< 3 vol %
Buoyancy ASTM D3575, Suffix AA kg/m3 (pcf)
930 (58)
Tensile Strength @ peak ASTM D3575, Suffix T; ISO 1798 Average kPa (psi)
220 (32)
Tensile Elongation ASTM D3575, Suffix T; DIN 53
571; ISO 1798
Average 50%
Tear Strength
ASTM D3575, Suffix G
Average N/mm (lb/in)
1.8 (10)

The data presented for this product are for unfabricated ETHAFOAM brand polyethylene foam products. While values shown are typical of the product, they should not be construed as specification limits.

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